Bainbridge Dance Center Code of Conduct

Be prepared

Follow the dress code & hair requirements for every class.

Have a dance bag with everything you need. Label everything in your bag with your name.

Eat a snack, drink water and use the bathroom before class. Bring a water bottle into class.

Be on time

Be early. Give yourself time to prepare for class.

Be ready to go into the studio at the start of class. It is disrespectful to require your teachers to call you in from the dressing room at the start class or when it is time to come back from a break.

No cell phones during water breaks or pointe shoe breaks. Stay focused and present.

If you are more than 5 minutes late, you must ask your teacher permission to take class. If they decide that you have missed too much of the warm-up to safely continue, you must sit out, watch and take notes.

Once you sit down in class, you may not rejoin.

Commit to Attendance

Dance requires sustained training in order to build appropriate muscles and avoid injury.

Practice and stretch at home.

If you miss three or more classes per session, your teacher can remove you from the end of the year

performance piece. Your absences adversely impact the other students’ ability to learn and rehearse

choreography. Gaps in your personal training can lead to injuries and a lack of confidence.

Respect the space

You deserve a clean and beautiful school. Ask for help if you break something, accidentally make a mess, or you don’t know how to clean something up.

Feel empowered to ask others to clean-up after themselves.

Throw away your trash. Throw away trash someone else may have forgotten.

Recycle. If you aren’t certain what is recyclable, just ask.

Do not hang on the barres as they are not designed to hold weight.

Create Community Inside the Classroom

Respect your teacher and your classmates by listening and following directions.

Don’t talk while other people are dancing. Watch and support your classmates.

Be flexible. Be open to new things. Be open to change.

Create Community in the Entire School

All students & families need to feel welcome and safe at BDC. Practice active kindness everyday.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Respect other people’s possessions.


There are many ways to share your thoughts and concerns:

Ask your teacher if they have a moment to talk at the end of class.

Make an appointment to meet with Christiana. Email:

Write a note and place it in the box in the lobby (you can do this anonymously)

BDC is a family and we want to hear everyone’s voice and perspective.

I promise to respect and uphold the Bainbridge Dance Center Code of Conduct

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