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BDC Performance Volunteer FAQ Sheet

Do I have to volunteer?

Yes! We need you! Don't worry it will be fun.

I would love to volunteer but I am new. How will I know what to do?

We have fantastic parent volunteers to help you. Michelle Barbo, Suzanne Miller & Kristin Sherwin are our Backstage Managers. Tammy Deets is our Concessions Manager. They will email you the week before the show with tons of useful information. When you arrive at the theater they will tell you where to go and what to do. These performances are a well-orchestrated symphony so no worries!

I see you need backstage volunteers. What do you mean by backstage?

Backstage volunteers help in the dressing rooms. There are four dressing rooms where the dancers hang out during the performances: Patterson (Levels 6 & 7|8), Green Room (Level 5), Portable A (Levels 3 & 4), Portable B (Levels 1|2 & younger). For each show we like to have 1 volunteer each in Patterson and the Green Room and 2 volunteers per Portable.

If I volunteer to be backstage with my dancer I won't see them perform!

Sometimes it's actually best to volunteer the night your child is NOT dancing. This makes it easier for all families to watch their kids perform.

There are too many options! Can I just sign-up for wherever is most needed?

Yes! We have a place on the sign-up form for just that. We can give you a call closer to performance time to match you up with where we still need volunteers.

I'm a Dad. Can I volunteer backstage?

Yes! The Green Room and Patterson are “Ladies Only”. All other jobs are Dad friendly.

What will I do as a backstage volunteer in the Portables (Levels 4 and younger)?

As a backstage volunteer you check-in dancers when they arrive and guide them to the right dressing room. You give out costumes (for them to put on in the private changing area), put lipstick & blush on them with clean q-tips, and make sure their hair is performance ready. During Dress Rehearsal you lead them to the theater to watch the show and help them when it is their time to perform. During Performances you are backstage with the dancers as they warm-up, practice their dances, play quiet activities, and read books. At the end of the show you help check dancers out when their parents arrive to pick them up backstage. Organizing costumes and cleaning up are super appreciated!

What will I do as a volunteer in the Green Room and Patterson Room?

These dancers are pros. They check themselves in and get themselves ready. As a volunteer in these rooms you keep track of their costumes, make emergency repairs, and help with costume changes. In the Green Room this will be the first year the Level 5s get to do their own make-up (so exciting!) and they will need assistance and encouragement.

What does it mean to be a “floor” volunteer?

Dancers need a special surface to dance on that is called a “marley floor.” We take our marley floor from the BDC studio to use at the theater. As a floor volunteer you come in the weekend before the performance to roll-up the panels of our floor, they are driven to the theater, then you lay them down with guidance from our Stage Manager Deirdre. Bonus points if you help with the floor during intermissions (see below). Finally, during Act III of the final performance you help return the floor to BDC.

How can I help with the floor during intermission?

The last act of the each evening performance is tap dancing which cannot be done on a marley floor. During intermission volunteers roll-up the marley floor to get it out of the way of the tappers. At the end of the show they roll the floor back down so it is ready for the next day. The more volunteers we have, the faster this goes and the shorter intermission can be!

What about concessions?

All the concessions we sell during intermission are baked by BDC parents with proceeds going towards student scholarships. As a concessions volunteer you will help Tammy, our Concessions Manager, set-up in the lobby before the show, usher, sell and re-stock things during each intermission, and clean-up after the show. We also need people to bake all the treats. If you are a Great British Baking Show fan, this is your moment.

What does it mean to “strike” the theater after the last performance?

“Striking” the theater means cleaning it up. Backstage this involves packing up supplies to transport back to BDC. Onstage this means helping the technical crew take down lights and cables. Strike is super fast and well-organized and the more people we have, the faster it can go. BPA is an incredibly generous long-term partner for BDC and we like to leave their space in great shape!

Super Talented?

Contact if you have other skills to contribute like sewing, crafting, technical theater work, organizing, etc. Thank you!