Required Performance Attire

The items on this page are what YOU ARE REQUIRED to provide, some of which you may already own.  Please make certain that all items are in good condition— clean, no holes or runs, etc.  Purchase these items ASAP if you do not already own them or if a replacement is needed.    

Music & Dance I&II:  Long-sleeved, light blue leotard; pink seamless tights (2 pairs) pink leather, single elastic, ballet shoes. Boys: white shirt, black tights or leggings with black socks, black ballet shoes.

Intro to Movement:  Black scoop neck, long sleeved leotard, 2 pairs black footless tights*

Ballet I/II, lII, IV:  Pink seamless tights (2 pairs); pink leather ballet shoes (single elastic)

Ballet V:  Pink seamless tights (2 pairs); pink ballet shoes (single elastic), nude leotard*

Ballet VI/VII:  Pink seamless tights 2 (pairs), nude camisole leotard* Pink ballet shoes, pink pointe shoes (2 pairs)

Ballet VII/VIII:  Pink tights 2 (pairs), pink pointe shoes (2 pairs), nude camisole leotard*  Max: Heavy white tights, white ballet shoes

Modern I/ll & IV:  Black camisole leotard*

Modern III:  no required attire

Modern V & VI:  Nude camisole leotard*

Mod/Jazz VII-VIII:  Black camisole leotard* Nude camisole leotard*

Jazz IV:  Black camisole leotard*

Jazz V:  Black camisole leotard*, black trunks

Jazz VI:  Nude camisole leotard*, black trunks

Tap I/II:  Nude camisole leotard*

Tap III:  Black camisole leotard* black footless tights*

Tap IV & V:  Black camisole leotard* black trunks, tan tights*

Tap VII/VIII:  Black camisole leotard*, black trunks, black leggings*


All style numbers are from

*Black Camisole Leotard (Mirella) M201L (adult sizes) M201C (child’s sizes) 

*Nude Camisole Leotard (Theatricals) D5100 (adult) D5100C (child)

*Black Footless Tights (Bloch) T09405L (adult sizes) T09405C (child’s sizes)

*Tan Footed Tights (Theatricals) in Carmel T5515 (adult sizes) T5415C (child sizes)

*Black Ankle Leggings (Theatricals) TH5118 (adult sizes) TH5118C (child sizes)



VERY SHORT HAIR: trimmed neatly above the eyes and gelled or hair sprayed to tame fly-aways.

LONGER HAIR: gelled back smoothly from the face in order to look shiny and neat, with no bangs or frizzy pieces. Bangs should be gelled or pinned back. Use only black ponytail holders & bobby pins; no clips. Please see specific hair styles for each class below: 


MUSIC & DANCE, ALL BALLET STUDENTS: Hair should be gelled and worn in a bun at the crown of the head. Bun should be securely fastened with bobby pins and a hair net. 

INTRO TO MOVEMENT: High ponytail at the crown of the head or half ponytail if hair is short.

TAP I - VII/VIII: High ponytail at the crown of the head or half ponytail if hair is short. 

MODERN I/II, III, IV: High ponytail at the crown of the head or half ponytail if hair is short.

JAZZ IV & V: High ponytail at the crown of the head or half ponytail if hair is short.

MODERN V: Hair should be worn in a bun at the crown of the head.  

ADVANCED MODERN, BALLET & JAZZ: Hair will be in a bun for all pieces.


Shoes & Tights

For all Ballet, Jazz & Tap students, shoes should be neat and clean with no holes.  All dancers should have an extra pair of pink and black tights.

BALLET SHOES: Drawstring ties must be knotted and cut leaving 1 - 2 inches to tuck under towards toes and securely taped in place. Leather shoes with single strap elastics; no criss cross. 

POINTE SHOES: (2 pair): Must be sewn securely with drawstring ties tucked in and taped, and ribbon ends melted and sewn in on each use.

JAZZ SHOES: Must be black oxford style, with black laces securely double knotted.

TAP SHOES: Must be black, low heeled with laces securely double knotted.  Taps must be checked & screws tightened before each performance.


Dancers’ tights are their underwear.  Please practice this now by having your dancer wear only tights and their leotard each time they come to class. When performance time comes,  it can be upsetting if they are newly presented with this unusual (and shocking to some :) way of dressing.