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What is the Performance Week Schedule?

Spacing Rehearsals Fri 6/21-Mon 6/24 (see schedule for more details)

Dress Rehearsals Tues 6/25 & Wed 6/26:  5pm Dancers at theater, 7-9pm Dress Rehearsal

Performances Thurs 6/27+Fri 6/28+Sat 6/29:  6pm Dancers at theater, 7-10pm Performance

Sat 6/29: 1pm Dancers at theater, 2-4pm Performance

When is the last day of class at Bainbridge Dance Center?

Last regularly scheduled classes at BDC will be Friday June 21. Some students will begin their spacing rehearsals that evening and are excused from missing their Friday classes.

What is a Spacing Rehearsal?

A Spacing Rehearsal is the only rehearsal the students will have with their teacher at the theater. Their teacher will help them feel comfortable on the stage (before it is filled with people and bright lights), learn how to enter and exit the stage safely, and will help them “space” the patterns of their dance onstage. This is a short but incredibly important rehearsal for the students to feel ready to perform.

Spacing Rehearsals: where, when, wearing what?

Spacing rehearsals are at Bainbridge Performing Arts. Please arrive at the theater 10 minutes early. Dancers should be dressed in regular dance attire and hair, carrying their dance shoes. Come quietly through the lobby into the theater and have a seat. Our rehearsal schedule onstage is very tight. All rehearsals are concise and will begin and end promptly. Please do not be late.

What is a Dress Rehearsal?

A Dress Rehearsal is the final rehearsal before a show and is run like a real performance with lights and costumes. This rehearsal is critical for the stage manager and technical crew. For BDC Dress Rehearsals we let the students watch each other perform. This is the only opportunity they will have to see the other classes dance. This is also a very important rehearsal for students to experience dancing with full lights and an audience so they are fully prepared for a performance.

Dress Rehearsal: How to prepare

Prior to your dancer’s arrival at the theater, they should have a nutritious meal and have their hair gelled in place in the required style for their class. They should be dressed in required performance attire and be carrying their dance shoes. Their dance bags should be packed with a nutritious, non-messy snack, a water bottle, extra clean tights, warm sweater, hairbrush and extra hair supplies. No personal electronic devices. No make-up. Lipstick and blush will be applied at the theater by parent volunteers. No jewelry (including earrings), no nail polish, nor underwear under tights.

Dress Rehearsal Info for Tiny Dancers:

Music & Dance, Intro to Movement, Intro to Ballet, Intro to Tap

Tiny Dancers should be dropped off at the BPA theater Lobby at 6:15pm. Tiny Dancers will perform around 7:15 and will be immediately released to their parents in the lobby after they dance. If they would like to stay to watch the show they can do so accompanied by a parent.

*Intro to Tap dancers who also dance in Modern I/II will perform with the Intro to Tap class and then join the Modern I/II class which performs and then stays for the duration of the show.

Dress Rehearsal Info for all other Dancers:

Dancers should arrive at the theater at (or 10 minutes before!) their “call time” which is 5pm. Dancers should be dropped off at the Performers’ Entrance on the south side of the BPA theater building and a volunteer will help them find their assigned Dressing Room. Dancers sit in the audience for the entire duration of the dress rehearsal, with the exception of their own rehearsal on stage. They may want to have a sweater or robe for sitting in the audience as it can be chilly. There will be a break mid-rehearsal for them to eat their nutritious, non-messy snack. At the end of Dress Rehearsal the entire cast will be in the “Grand Finale” bow. Parents should plan to pick up their dancers from the Performers' Entrance (they will need to be checked out by a volunteer) at 9pm.

Can parents watch Dress Rehearsals?

Yes! Come watch dress rehearsal. Even better, volunteer to help backstage during dress rehearsals and you get to sit in the audience with the dancers to watch the show.

When can parents take photos or videos?

Dress Rehearsal! Parents may videotape or photograph (no flash please) during the dress rehearsal only. Photography/videography is not permitted during shows.

Performances: How to prepare

Once you have experienced a dress rehearsal you should feel ready for the performances. Prepare your dancer in the same way (nutritious meal, performance hair ready, attire on, bag packed). Performing is exciting but also sometime scary. Practice breathing calmly with your dancer if they are anxious. Don't do too many activities during the day and try to have some quiet time before the show. I actually like napping in the afternoon before I perform.

Special Performance Info for Tiny Dancers:

Music & Dance, Intro to Movement, Intro to Ballet, Intro to Tap

For performances, Tiny Dancers also get dropped off at the Performers' Entrance at BPA at the “Dancer's Call at Theater” time listed on your schedule (6pm for evening shows & 1pm for the matinee). Tiny Dancers perform at the beginning of the show and then have a pizza party in their dressing room for the remainder of the first act. Parents collect their Tiny Dancers during the first intermission from backstage. If they would like to stay to watch the show with you, they are welcome to sit on your lap or ask an usher to find an empty seat (a few usually open up after the first act).

For all other dancers, where and when do I drop them off and pick them up?

All dancers get dropped off at the Performers' Entrance at BPA at the “Dancer's Call at Theater” time listed on your schedule (6pm for evening shows & 2pm for the matinee). Performances average 3 hours long except the Saturday Matinee which should be 2 ½ hours. For evening shows, plan to pick your dancer up from the backstage door (they will need to be checked out by a volunteer) at 10pm. For the Saturday Matinee, pick your dancer up at 4:30pm.


Dancers spend the entire duration of a performance backstage. They leave only when their class performs onstage and for the Grand Finale bow at the end of the show. They will need snacks and some quiet activities to pass the time such as simple games, books, colored pencils, etc. No personal electronic devices are allowed. Students must remain in the assigned backstage area and are not permitted to leave the theater building. Backstage is very crowded and for that reason, no one will be allowed backstage before or during the performances except as part of the assigned volunteer crews. Also, no students or parents may stand in the wings and watch the performances.

How do I buy tickets?

Tickets go on sale Wednesday May 15th at the BPA box office and the BPA website. Make sure you buy tickets for the night your dancer is performing. It is best to have the schedule with you when you decide which night to go. The performances will sell out. These shows are a popular tradition for many Bainbridge Islanders, so invite all of your friends, family, teachers and community members—and tell them to get their tickets in advance!

How do I volunteer?

Sign-up online at For more info, check out the Volunteer FAQ sheet in this packet. You will also receive an invitation that will give you a link to the online sign-up. We need lots of volunteers and would love your help!

Performing is an incredibly special and rewarding experience. Thank you for everything you do to support your dancers throughout the year and during the performances. Let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing you all at the theater.

Please call (206) 842-1497 or email if you have any questions.