introduction to movement



Starting Saturday June 23 all rehearsals and performances will be held at Bainbridge Performing Arts (BPA).  Introduction to Movement students will have one spacing rehearsal, one dress rehearsal and one performance.



saturday June 23rd - 4:30-5:00pm AT BPA

This mandatory spacing rehearsal is very important for the dancers as they become much more comfortable performing once they have experienced the stage and theater space. Dancers should come dressed in their classroom attire with hair in a neat, gelled, high ponytail. Rehearsal is a quick 30 minutes so please be on time!



tuesday JUNE 27th - 7PM AT BPA


Dress Rehearsal is run like an actual performance with costumes, make-up and lighting. We ask dancers to arrive at 6:15pm in their designated Performance Attire with hair gelled in a high ponytail. Intro dancers meet in the BPA lobby where they will receive their hairpiece and have some make-up applied by our make-up crew. The dress rehearsal begins at 7:00 pm. You are invited to watch and it is the only opportunity to photograph or video your child (no flash please). Intro students perform shortly after the opening piece and when they are finished we will stop the rehearsal very briefly so you may collect your dancer.  Your student is excused to go home at this time or they may stay with you to watch the rest of dress rehearsal. Professional DVDs of this dress rehearsal performance will be available to order.



friday JUNE 30 - 7PM AT BPA


Prior to your dancer’s arrival at the theater, they should have a nutritious snack, use the bathroom, have hair gelled in place and be dressed in the Required Performance Attire. Makeup will be applied backstage. Jewelry (including earrings), hair items and nail polish are not allowed for dress rehearsal or the performance. They may want to have a sweater for sitting in the audience as it can be chilly. Arrival time at the theater is 6:00 pm sharp! Please enter through the stage door on the South side of the building. Act I will last approximately 40 minutes and at first intermission, we will bring your dancers back into the theater for your reunion. We hope that you can stay for the remainder of the performance. Having you in the audience is a gift to all the dancers who have worked an entire year to present their best. Your attendance shows respect for their efforts. Their gift to you is a vision of the progression of a dancer in training, through which you may glimpse your future dancer.



Tickets are available at www.bainbridgeperformingarts.org and the BPA box office which is open 1:00-4:00pm Wednesday to Friday. You can only buy ADA tickets in person. Remember to buy tickets for the Friday Evening Performance at 7pm (there are four shows to choose from). Get your tickets early as they will sell out!



In order for all parents to attend a performance, we ask someone from each family to volunteer to work backstage at one of the shows.  It works well for parents of the Introduction to Movement class to volunteer for the Music & Dance performance and vice versa. (The Music & Dance Classes perform in the 2pm Saturday show). There are many ways to volunteer! Please sign-up online.



Black scoop-neck, long sleeved leotard; Black footless tights clean with no tears (2 pair in case one runs). Dancers’ tights are their underwear. Please practice this now by having your dancer wear only tights and their leotard each time they come to class. When performance time comes,  it can be upsetting if they are newly presented with this unusual (and shocking to some :) way of dressing.



Very Short Hair: trimmed neatly above the eyes and gelled or hair-sprayed to tame fly-aways.

Mid-length (too short for a ponytail): half ponytail with the front half gelled smoothly back from the face in order to look shiny and neat with no bangs or frizzy pieces. Bangs should be gelled or pinned back. Use only black ponytail holders and bobby pins, no clips or barrettes.

Longer Hair: High ponytail at the crown of the head gelled back smoothly from the face in order to look shiny and neat, with no bangs or frizzy pieces. Bangs should be gelled or pinned back. Use only black ponytail holders and bobby pins, no clips or barrettes.