BDC CLASS Levels & PROGRAM structure

Pre- Technique

Students in Pre-Technique can take one or more classes a week. Classes use Creative Movement concepts and exercises to teach students fundamental dance technique, body awareness, spatial awareness, patterning, coordination, social skills, musicality, and the unique structure and culture of dance class.

Dance with Me                     Age 4 and Under (with Adult Companion)

Music & Dance I (3-4)         Ages 3-4

Music & Dance II (4-5)        Ages 4-5

Music & Dance III (5-6)       Ages 5-6  (Kindergarten)

Introduction to Movement   Ages 6-8  (First Grade)

Introduction to Ballet           Ages 6-8  (First Grade)

Introduction to Tap              Ages 6-8  (First Grade)

Introduction to Circus          Ages 3-6

Intro to Aerial/Circus           Ages 7-10


Level I/II

Level I/II is when dancers begin to seriously train in specific dance disciplines. Classes combine students at Level I and students at Level II. Beginning dancers are welcome.

Recommended Classes:

Level I       1 or 2 classes/week - Ballet and/or Modern (2nd grade)

Level II      2 classes/week - 1 Ballet + 1 Modern

Elective Classes:

Tap I/II or Tap Fundamentals

Introduction to Aerial & Circus

These classes can be taken independently or in addition to required classes. Students wishing to progress with the traditional program structure at BDC should take the required classes in addition to elective classes.




Level III, IV, V    2 Ballet, 1 Modern

Level VI              2 Ballet, 1 Modern, 2 Pointe (or Pre-Pointe), 2 Ballet Repertory

Level VII, VIII    2 Ballet, 2 Pointe, 2 Ballet Repertory, Modern, Modern Repertory, Pilates


elective classes

Level III               Tap, Aerial

Level IV               Jazz, Composition, Tap, Aerial, (Invite Only: Pre-Pointe)

Level V                Jazz/Contemporary, Composition, Tap, Aerial, Pointe/Pre-Pointe/Ballet Repertory

Level VI               Jazz/Contemporary*, Composition,* Tap, Aerial

Level VII, VIII    Jazz/Contemporary*, Jazz/Contemporary Repertory*, Composition*, Tap, Aerial

*no additional charge for Advanced Unlimited Students


tap & aerial/circus arts

Tap and Aerial/Circus Arts can be taken independently (you are not required to take ballet or modern). Students in Levels III, IV, V, VI, VII & VIII can add these classes as electives to their program bundles during registration. All students, including Advanced Unlimited students, pay additional tuition to take these classes.