new student placement


If you are new to our school, or have questions regarding placement, please contact us before sending in your registration form and tuition.

Call: (206) 842-1497


Pre- Technique

One class per week emphasizing concepts of rhythm, body awareness, creative movement & joy of dance.

Dance with Me                     Under 4 with Adult Companion

Music & Dance I                  Ages 4-5

Music & Dance II                 Kindergartners

Introduction to Movement   1st graders

Ballet, Modern, Jazz

Technical training begins in 2nd Grade.  Students may progress one level per year, but are more typically placed with Instructor guidance in the level most appropriate for their technical growth.  Repeating a level occurs with regularity. Please contact us to discuss proper placement for your child.

Level I       1 or 2 classes/week - Ballet and/or Modern (2nd grade)

Level II      2 classes/week - Ballet and Modern  (3rd grade)

Level III     3 classes/week - Ballet and Modern   (4th grade)

Level IV     3 or 4 classes/week - 2 Ballet, Modern and/or Jazz (5th grade)

Level V      4 or 5 classes/week - 2 Ballet, Pre-Pointe, Mod and/or Jazz (6th grade)


Students may begin Tap in 3rd grade. Tap can be taken in addition to other technique classes or on its own.

Tap I, II, III, IV     (3rd grade +) 1 class/week

Tap VII/VIII          2 classes/week


Advanced students are required to take Modern Technique and to participate in the Advanced Ballet Program which includes ballet technique, pointe, and repertory classes. Jazz, Tap and Composition are additional, optional classes.

Levels VI/VII and VII/ VIII

Required: 7+ classes/week in Ballet, Pointe, Ballet Repertory & Modern

Optional: Jazz, Jazz Repertory, Composition and/or Tap